Double Q Swissies
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Drafting Info

Sophia enjoying her training wheels—at seven months of age. You can’t start them too young!
To make your own training wheels, CLICK THE SMILING FACE above for directions.

Fun Things to do with your draft dog...

Chuckie and Burley
yard work-move rocks, firewood, etc.  .  paper route  .  haul horse/cattle feed  .  parades  .  give kids rides .  bring groceries home  .  winter sled rides  .  enter draft test 

Getting Started Articles 
Introduction to Carting
   Carting with your Berner
    Training Dogs to Accept the Cart 
   Preparing for your First Draft Test

    Drafting Resources and Ideas draft clinic handout

Buying or Making Draft Equipment
Draft equipment, harnesses and training video from Dogworks

    Training videos from Bernese Mtn. Dog Club of Wisconsin
    Harnesses, cart, wagons from Nordkyn Outfitters
    Sledding-based equipment from Ikon Outfitters
    Handcrafted carts by Wilczek 
    Handcrafted carts by
    PVC cart plans
On-Line Carting Discussion Groups
    Join Carting-L
    Join Carting, drafting dog

Draft Rules
    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America Draft Rules    
    Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Draft Rules 

     Newfoundland Club of America Draft Rules
    New England Drafting and Driving Club Draft Rules 

Sample Draft Courses
    2008 National Specialty
    2008 National Specialty Demonstration
    2008 Birmingham Draft Course
    2008 SwissAthalon Draft Course
    2011 May C & P Draft CourseCourse
    2011 November C & P Draft Course 1  Course 2

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