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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund) is the largest of the four Swiss Sennenhund breeds, the others being the Berner (Bernese Mountain Dog), Appenzeller and Entlebucher. Historically, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog assisted farmers and herdsmen with daily chores, such as pulling carts and keeping a watchful eye over livestock. Today the Swissy is primarily a family dog, though the working dog aptitude remains strong. As a family pet, the Swissy is noted for its gentle nature, great loyalty, and wonderful disposition toward children.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is characterized by its large, muscular stature and beautiful tri-colored markings. Males stand approximately 25.5 to 28.5 inches at the withers and weigh anywhere from 105 to 140 lbs. Females stand 23.5 to 27 inches, with weight ranging from 85 to 110 lbs.

Through careful breeding and selection of imports, the breed has shown steady growth since its introduction to the U.S in 1968. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc. was formed in 1971 to promote the sound breeding, welfare, and wider recognition of the breed. In 1985, the GSMD was admitted to the Miscellaneous Class of the AKC, and was granted full recognition in the Working Group in July 1995. For more history of the breed, CLICK THE PHOTO above.

Training, Living with and Caring for Swissies Links

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America

This link takes you to the National Club website. It is possible to become an associate club member before you bring a Swissy home. The club provides wonderful services and information to its members.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breed Standard
The GSMD breed standard describes what the ideal Swissy looks like and it’s temperament.

AKC Podcasts
AKC invites specialists to discuss a variety of health issues and diseases that are available for free download. New podcasts are released every two weeks.

New Bloat Study Results
Recent studies are shedding more light on gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), otherwise known as bloat. Click HERE for a summary.

Free Puppy Book Download
Dr. Ian Dunbar's book AFTER You Get Your Puppy. It's a free download for the time being!

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