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  • Scopey, #1 agility Swissy in the country, and Jan Collins are burning up the agility ring! Many congratulations to this incredible team! They are headed to the Eukanuba Agility Invitational in December.
  • Ollie and Tracy earned their Open Agility Title in the Standard ring!
  • Tre earned two agility titles on the same day--Novice FAST and Open Agility.
  • Fido and Debbie are the #2 Owner-Handled Swissy team in the country--congratulations!
  • Aruba is expecting babies June 21st.
  • Siren's 2 girls and 3 boys were born May 20th. They are doing great, thanks to a great mama dog!

Double Q Swissies is committed to producing and assisting in the development of healthy, happy dogs who stand the test of time in whatever they do—be it lounging couch-potato antics or herding sheep and ducks.

Double Q is a term used in Obedience, Rally, Agility and other events. Dogs that compete at the excellent levels in these sports need two qualifying scores on the same day in order to advance to even greater heights—hence the term Double Q. Dogs have to be of sound mind and body for a number of years to attain this distinction; they are exposed to marathon conditions, not sprints.

We started the Swissy adventure almost ten years ago with Burley, from Lisa and Rex Peters. We did not show or breed him, but you are able to read about his incredible spirit and working ability on his webpage 

Cathy Cooper, our mentor and friend, produced our foundation bitch, Sophia. She mothered 27 puppies, one of whom is Dicey, who recently made Sophia a grandmother. We could not breed without the guidance and support of Cathy, our reproduction veterinarian, Dr. Joellen Gregory, and many others in the Swissy community. Thank you!

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