Our Story


The adventure started in 2001 with our first GSMD Burley, featured at the top of the Home Page, from breeders Lisa and Rex Peters. We did not show or breed him, but his incredible spirit and working ability was evident in the Agility, Obedience, Herding, Drafting and Rally rings. We continue to show our Swissies in all of these sports, with a particular emphasis on agility and drafting. Mary Jo and Jim are GSMD draft judges.


In 2004 Cathy Cooper, our mentor and friend, produced our foundation bitch, Sophia. Sophia's first litter was whelped January 2008 and she went on to produce 27 puppies. Over 30 litters later, we are completely in love with this incredible endeavor. We could not breed without the guidance and support of our reproductive specialty veterinarians, Drs. Steven Escobar and Kara Kolster, their support staff, and many others in the Swissy community. Thank you!


Mary Jo recently served on the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America Board of Directors for six years, four of those as President. She also served as the GSMDCA AKC Delegate for six years. She is currently the President of the Chesapeake & Potomac Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club. And happily retired from her profession as an educator. Living on a 40 acre farm in Central Virginia, her husband, Jim, the dogs just love to romp and play. Their two grown children live in California with their dogs Cassie and Didi.